evilmonkeys's Journal

Rich McCarthy
16 September
hey, my name is richard, and i'm 25. i love movies, cartoons & comics. i also listen to an inordinate amount of public radio, but never donate during pledge drives. this leaves me feeling somewhat guilty. i'm currently a student at the upright citizens brigade theater, learning the awkward art of improvised comedy.

the other day at work i caught a kid attempting to steal a mortal kombat video game. i was walking out of the warehouse and spotted the lad, who looked around 14, trying to tear open the packaging. i thought perhaps since i caught him, it'd be fun to make him sweat a little...

ATTENTION: for the purposes of this story, the part of "Young Boy" will be played by writer and noted wit Dorothy Parker, while the role of "Rich" will be played by Lou Rawls Appearance On The Muppet Show.

sychronized dancing is tmbg love
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