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Rich McCarthy
If someone writes something on their Live Journal, and it's no longer 2003, does it make a sound?
2 folks agree that Basket Case is a totally sick-ass movie
yearly update:

i drive now!

i live with my girlfriend katie, and it's pretty great!

i still work at best buy!

i'm almost finnished with the harry potter series! (i'm a little late to the party, i know.)

see ya next year!
1 folks agree that Basket Case is a totally sick-ass movie
Hey Livejournal.

I've spent the past hour or so looking back though old entries, so i figured i'd stop on by and post off a brand new one.

Things are well with me. I've moved again, this time to another friends house, and i've been dating a lovely young lady named Katie for the last year and a half. We have problems and digressing moments, but also a whole lot of fun, laughs and swell snuggling-while-we-watch-the-snow times. I still work at Best Buy and i still don't drive. I'm also still chock full o' anxiety, but what fun would i be without them?

Anyways, how are you? Excellent.
5 folks agree that Basket Case is a totally sick-ass movie
it's about that time for my wee christmas time tradition around these parts. i hope everyone out there has a happy christmas/hanukkah/non-denominational holiday. even though i've pretty much abandoned livejournal, i still love love love y'all!

without further ado, here is the fifth annual presentation of a moment from the major motion picture Gremlins, which i seriously consider to be one of the all-time great christmas flicks...

They're watching Snow White. And they love it.Collapse )

Basket Case is a totally sick-ass movie
what i miss most about writing here as often as i once did was the fact that i was writing something, almost everyday. i know that a good 99.99% of anything i left here had no real "big picture" significance, but it did help me as a writer and storyteller. and im not really sure why i left lj, other than the fact i moved out of my house four months ago yesterday and somehow that huge change in my life left me with little to want to write about. maybe i matured when i came here, living on my own for the first time? no longer thinking that posting the smallest details of my life on the internet for complete strangers to read was a tad unbecoming? perhaps...but considering my diet has devolved from eating a home cooked meal monday-sunday into a teenager's dream of fast food, candy and junk everyday, three times a day, its more likely maturity is something i've not as of yet grasped. but, at least ive finally got a cell phone!

i feel the need to write here again, to try and go back to the way things where, i when i posted my comics, trailers for movies i was pumped on and wrote about stupid little things that happened in my day. every time i try to write here, to get back to the good ol' days, i end up writing only about how i want things to be like they were. vicious cycle, ya see. ie, this very entry. you can see how this can be frustrating. okay, so! that's it! if i write here again from here on it, it wont be on the topic of how i don't write here! hold me to it!

3 folks agree that Basket Case is a totally sick-ass movie
slowly, well very very slowly, i'm starting to write here again. easing back, i think. i miss it here, kinda. i'm doing well! it was good to have a wee break from here though.

maybe i'll check ya all later!

1 folks agree that Basket Case is a totally sick-ass movie
hey, so how's everyone been doing?
2 folks agree that Basket Case is a totally sick-ass movie
hey...so i've made a decision. i'm going to stop writing in my livejournal. i'm not fully closing out the account, as i've recently paid for another year, so i'm just going to let the paid time run out. i'm not saying that i'm never posting again, but i'm making an active decision to stop. this won't be much of a change these days, as my writing here has been very sporadic of late anyways. i've made lots and lots of friends via this weird public forum over the years, some very strong friendships, some intimate relationships, and of course a few dumb dramas. but i think it's time to start to put evilmonkeys to rest.

a big thanks to anyone who's ever friended me, commented on an entry or comic i posted and generally been a cool online buddy. i'll still check out my friends page whenever i can. my myspace is still goin' strong, so hit me up over there.

big hugs and smooches,

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hey, so i'm officially back online! yay laptops! all trussed up and everything! i think it's safe to say i'm pretty much all settled in now. my daily routine has gone from wake up-go to work-come home-sit in room-sleep in my old house, to wake up-go to work-come home-play mario kart with friend's son-eat dinner-hang out in friends room-go to sleep here in the new place. living here is not unlike a frat house, except a four year old lives here, there's no college involved and no one really drinks all that much. so it's a crappy frat house. allrighty, i'm sure i'll be back soon enough. good day!

1 folks agree that Basket Case is a totally sick-ass movie
howdy everyone! i miss my computer so much. updating on my friends is just not the same. everything is going swimingly here at my new home. last night we all saw Slither, which was wonderful and i highly recommend it to everyone. i hate that i cant talk about this weeks Lost with holly and melissa. all in good time, though. i skipped my writting class last week, which i now feel was a mistake, as i'm finding it diffcult to get back into the "groove", as it where, with that. we have to write a "tv comerical parody" for next week, and im kind of dreading it, as i think it's hard to come up with a new angle on those. so here's to putting it off for now. i've been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 a lot, which is a lot of fun and features christopher lee! alright then, talk to you guys soon!

but yeah, really go see Slither! it's great!

8 folks agree that Basket Case is a totally sick-ass movie